Hair Care Products

Color:  Revitalize, nourish and replenish your hair.  We are one of the few hair salons that carries the industry’s best kept secret to getting amazing, healthy hair:  Milkshake Color was developed and launched in Italy in 1993, and has since silently exploded throughout Europe and more recently, North America. Milkshake Color has quietly become that talk and hype of the best hair care professionals in the industry because of the brand’s emphasis on natural beauty using only natural ingredients. The product line uses pure, organically sourced argan oil, milk and yogurt enzymes to nourish your hair with proteins and amino acids in high concentrations that target the hair shaft from the inside-out. This innovative and nourishing coloring system is the only natural hair product line that is able to color, rebuild, strengthen, and smooth your hair all at once, thanks to its genius composition. The Z.One Concept Milkshake coloring system will leave your hair smelling edible while adding color, color protection, moisture balance and all over conditioning.

Chemcare   For chemically treated and sun damaged hair.
Chemcare is a very unique shampoo that restores essential moisture and protein lost during chemical services or exposure to the sun. Natural oils (corn, soybean, sesame) provide essential fatty acids. Which

infuse into the hair creating a natural protectant against dryness and brittleness. These natural oils and botanical extracts also promote strengthening and hydrating factors which restore body, shine and manageability back to damaged hair, which in turn prolong the life of future chemical services.

Extremo Conditioner   Rejuvenating Moisturizer
Extremo Conditioner quenches the thirst of moisture starved hair! Infusing the hair with natural botanicals, humectants and reconstructing proteins, this lightweight conditioner restores the hair's essential moisture balance, then locks it in. Dry, or chemically damaged hair is transformed into vibrant, voluminous healthy hair. Wheat protein is added to strengthen hair, while extracts of chamomile cucumber and aloe vera soothe and moisturize. Netle and menthol stimulates and revitalizes the hair and scalp. Recommended for daily use.

This strong holding, structure gel ensures lasting styles and excellent staying power. Designed and created for those with active lifestyles, this gel provides strong to medium hold for those who demand performance yet look for conditioning elements in their products. Sunscreens have been added to this botanically rich, alcohol free formula to provide well rounded performance for all hair types.

Ilumin, Design Gel  
Illumin-Essence Design Gel enables you to maximize your creativity in achieving the hairstyle you desire. This alcohol free formula is not only a breakthrough in styling control and body. but it provides natural botanicals to stimulate and soothe the scalp while moisturizing the hair shaft. Mica adds shine without unwanted buildup. Illumin-Essence contains sun protection factors that shield against harmful ultraviolet rays.

Plexx Gel  
This innovative Design Gel is excellent for Scrunching, Spiking, Separating and providing sleek wet and dry looks. Also may be used as a setting tool to give additional volume to hair. Special protein conditioners have been added to provide superior gloss and sheen to all hair types.   

Cyrstal Spray Laminate  
For instant and brilliant shine. This product adds crystal clear shine to dry or dull hair. Smoothes down frizzy or fried ends and dries clear without a trace. This Alcohol-Oil free formula never weighs hair down. It also has protective sunscreens that help prevent solar damage.

Gel Laminate  
A water soluable product that creates a smooth and silky like shine without a greasy "build-up." A combination of herbal complexes gives your hair that instant gloss of a healthy head of hair.

PAC Poly-Flexx  
A protein infusing rescue treatment for hair that has been damaged by chemical processes. Essential proteins have been added to this formula which penetrate the hair and restore natural body and sheen. A special mixture of vitamins and amino acids blended together with pH balanced nutrients restore texture and pliability to chemically mistreated hair. Further, sunscreens have been added for additional protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

PAC Hydro-Plexx  
This reconstructor penetrates the hair shaft adding Collagen and Nucleic Acids to the damaged areas. Deep penetrating moisturizers are attracted to the damaged layers of the hair by humectant carrying agents. The hair is left in a radiant shiny state. This product is a specialized treatment to be sed in addition to a daily conditioner.

Peppermint Clenz Shampoo   A deep cleansing clarifying shampoo with the healing properties of Tea Tree Oil.
This highly specialized shampoo is formulated to deliver the benefits of deep cleansing (peppermint oil), with added natural healing properties derived from Tea Tree Oil, a natural remedy for dandruff. Seborrhea and other scalp problems. This deep cleansing shampoo is color-safe, removes dead skin, product buildup, mineral deposits and other debris from the scalp while it stimulates and cools scalp irritation.

Reflections Shampoos

These color enhancing shampoos are a unique blend of natural balancing extracts with the blend of Mica, which enables cleansing and also deposits color simultaneously. Keeping the pH balanced at a normal 7.0, it frees the hair of color build up and stops fading.

Lavanda, Lavender
Brightens Blonde Tones and Cools Unwanted Brassiness.

Lavanda, Lavender Conditioner
Naturalizes Yellow Tones in all Highlighted, Blonde or Gray Hair.

Toronjil, Lemongrass Shampoo
Adds Yellow Blonde Tones, Brightens Light to Medium Dark Blonde.

Toronjil, Lemongrass Conditioner   
Adds a Hint of Natural Beige, Yellow Blonde Tone to Brighten Pale or Light Blonde Hair.

Castana, Warm Chestnut   
Adds Natural Blondish Brown Tones, deepens blonde hair, and adds a richness to dark brown hair.

Castana, Warm Chestnut Conditioner
Adds Natural Blondish Brown Tones And Deepens All Highlighted Hair

Palo de Rosa, Cherrywood
Adds Red Tones Brightens Red, Red, Red Brown and Brown Hair.

Palo de Rosa, Cherrywood Conditioner
Adds Red Tones and Intensifies Brown Hair

Cupuchino Shampoo
Add depth and Neutralizes red tones to brown hair.

Cupuchino Conditioner
Adds depth and Neutralizes red tones to brown hair.

Peppermint Clenz Shampoo
Specialized and formulated to deliver the benefits of deep cleansing from peppermint extracts added natural healing properties from tea oil. Using this unique bled of natural ingredients, remove debris, minerals and coating from the hair shaft and cuticle. Scalp is conditioned and stimulated by the natural healing effects of tea tree oil.
Natural Product safe for daily use.

Chem-Care Shampoo
restores essential moisture and protein lost during chemicalservices or exposure to the sun which in turn prolong the life of future chemical services.
Natural oil( corn, Soybean, sesame and botanical extract) provide essential fatty acids create a natural protectant against dryness and brittleness, strengthening and hydrating factors, which restore body, shine and manageability back to damaged hair.

Therapy Clenz Shampoo
Great for use after days of build up with styling products or hair sprays, or environmental radicals. This clarifying shampoo will deep cleanse your hair with out striping away the natural oils.

Therapy Cleanse Conditioner
this invigorating conditioner will balance the most chemically challenged or moisture starved hair. Formulated with bended botanicals, oils and protein, loaded with good stuff to keep your hair healthy, shining and hydrated.

Style Essentials

Amplificador de Raiz, Root Booster
Root Booster is an innovative product used to increase volume and provide texture. This styling aid will give thin, limp hair the boost it needs to look thicker and fuller. Adds volume, texture and shine.

Volumizer Plus
This unique styling aid not only shapes but provides a foundation for today's progressive styles. Leaves no hair pliable and brushable without flaking and drying. This spray will not stick to hot styling tools. Vitamins and conditioners produce added volume to the hair structure. Sunscreens protect from damaging rays of the sun.

Vita Plexx
As a conditioner, detangler and moisturizer, this product is created specifically to leave on the hair. This vitamin rich formulas enhances the pliability, luster and texture of the hair surface while styling. It can also be used to rehydrate the skin.

Stop Action
Freez-Drying the hair without flaking or sticky feeling, used wet or dry, Sun screens and Panthenol ( Pro-Vitamin B5)

Treatment Hair Care Products

SFT Soft Deep Treatment
A definitive treatment for dry brittle hair that has been over exposed to the sun or chemicals, or simply starved for moisture.

STG Strong Deep Treatment
For use as a weekly treatment, cleanse the hair with your favorite salon recommended shampoo.

SOT Hair and Scalp Oil
Designed to help chemically treated permed, colored or damaged hair and scalp.

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